The OCEAN REEF International Training Centre (UK)

Our instructional team dive in the latest Ocean Reef Full Face Mask systems with Underwater Communications allowing natural and complex communication whilst guiding or teaching.  Our shore support use the communications systems to provide an unprecedented level of cover for diver training, keeping abreast of all diving related events as they happen. 


Hydroactive's unparalleled commitment and expertise in this area has been recognised by being awarded one of only four Ocean Reef International Training Centre awards Worldwide!

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SCUBA diving has evolved from an activity for a few experts into a hobby for millions of people throughout the world. In the last 20 years, improvements in equipment have completely changed the way we dive by increasing safety and comfort.

Masks and regulators have traditionally been separate units, but by keeping the mask and regulator separate, we allow the rest of the face to be exposed to the elements, thus losing precious body heat. And, since humans breathe primarily through their nose, while using their mouth for communication, it is reasonable to say that the separate mask and regulator setup is relatively unnatural.  By integrating these two systems, we can solve several problems: we are more thermally efficient; we can communicate; we have a broader field of vision; and we are much more comfortable.